It takes a clever property owner to realise that investing in their property before going to market can see real dividends.  It doesnt matter what you think, your opinion does not count.  We are tired of listening to the same olde excuses from sellers. “ah sure they are going to change the Kitchen anyway” and yes that may be true but they will offer you far less for your property than the cost of improving the Kitchen.  Lets weigh it up here! If you paint your house with Magnolia versus painting your house with colours that are currently trending then you are not going to raise eye brows, if you can improve areas of the property so that potential buyers can live with it for a longer period of time then they will pay more.  The subject property is a clear example of how to get the numbers through the door and encourage a bidding process among interested parties.  the brief is as follows:

Our advised market value before refurbishment was €165,000 (AMV)

Total spend  was €38,500 ( tax deductable sum)

SEAI Grant obtained was region €2,500

Sold for €280,000

Work we carried out:

  1. As there was no heating system we plumbed the house and installed radiators in all rooms and a new A rated oil boiler with zoned heating.
  2. The floors and walls were pumped with insulation. (Snug as a Bug)
  3. The attic was filled with insulation 300ml which is the required level to meet todays standards (Snug as a Bug)
  4. Floors were restored, sanded and varnished by John Kelly flooring Tullamore.
  5. The front of the house was plastered as the orginal pebble dash which was old and tired and kerb unappealing.
  6. The roof tiles were primed and painted to freshen up the exterior of the property. (The Colour Yard)
  7. The driveway was filled with decorative stone and kerbing, outside lights were installed to include lamps on the entrance pilars.
  8. The bathrooms were tiled and all sanitary ware was changed to medium range products.  You will never get an old bath to look new.
  9. The internal and external was painted with refreshing colours, internally we used greys and externally we used neutral colours.
  10. Light fittings were all replaced with low energy bulbs. (B&Q light fittings)
  11. We knocked walls to add more light and we painted an existing Kitchen units Gun Metal Grey which was far cheaper than replacing it
  12. If you want to sell it, then clean it up…..